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AdvantageX Digital Pte Ltd

Our Mission is to partner with customers and empower them for their success by consistently providing suitable tailor-made holistic digital marketing and engagement solutions. Our Vision is to become a top class company known for providing business solutions to empower the growth of businesses.

Gaming Premier League (GPL) GPL is a skill based E-Sports platform where the user can play mobile games and win rewards. This can give brand new playing experience to users in which they can Play, Win, Earn!!

What gives GPL an edge is its gamified experience with 24x7 game tournaments, live leaderboard, spin to win & many more premium and unique feature. GPL creates high engagement and gives chance to users to win rewards along with bringing the excitement and fun of gaming. In this, the users can play games from different genres or play gaming contests to top the leaderboard and win rewards which can be redeemed against various prizes available on the portal.

Our Fundamental Approach

  • Gives the user control: Gamified system puts the user in control at all times. It’s a simple trick, but we get a kick out of making our own decisions.
  • Create a sense of achievement: Achievement is one of the most powerful psychological driving factors of human behaviour. Everything we do, we do to achieve something.
  • Compete with others in real time: If you think we’re competitive with ourselves, we really pull out the stops when competing with others. Who can get more likes? Who can get more followers, more pins, more hearts. It’s all one big game. An open playing field.
  • We love rewards: This one almost doesn’t need explaining. Everyone loves rewards. We’ve already talked about creating a sense of achievement. But, why not go one step forward and offer a real, tangible reward?
  • Get a High: Leveling up, gaining a reward, getting feedback or achieving something all gives you that little rush. It’s your mind telling you to do it again because it feels good!